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Yoga in Dalkeith – Let’s Yoga!

Discover the benefits that yoga can bring to your everyday life.

Yoga Classes

Fancy doing some yoga? Yes? Great!

Yoga is a fantastic way to work and energise your body. A yoga class provides a great rounded body stretch. It gives you awareness of your body to help improve your posture, your breathing and your mind.

Through long term yoga practice the benefits will work through into your everyday life providing you support and energy when you need it most.

Private tuition

Private tuition is a great way to really focus on what you need in one to one yoga lessons or in small groups.

These can be tailored specifically to your requirements. If you want to focus on a specific posture or want a yoga class dedicated to a specific hobby or illness that’s not a problem! If you play a lot of sport, cycle or run regularly then a class dedicated to this is great for your body.


Yoga as we know it in Western culture is typically asanas (postures) which we practice to stretch our muscles. Yoga is in fact much more than this, asanas are a method of energising your body and providing stillness in your mind. It is calming, grounding and stilling – if you don’t think so just try a few classes and see the benefits! We practice Yoga Nidra at relaxation which can have a wonderful effect on your mental state.

Find balance

Most of us are somewhat unbalanced in our bodies. In practicing yoga we can work towards finding balance in our bodies.

Find stillness

The beauty of yoga is that as you slowly engage with your body your mind will still itself. Over time you will really experience the benefits it can have on your mind in every day life.

Be energised!

Leave the yoga class feeling energised ready to carry on with the rest of your week! The difference from when you come in to the class to when you leave is night and day!

Stretch your body

Yoga is a great opportunity to stretch your body! Working through many different asanas (postures) your body will have an all round great stretch.