The thought of life without yoga is a very strange one. It has become very embedded into my life.

I dabbled with yoga on and off as a teenager. I remember my first class. I was the only guy in a room filled with somewhat older ladies. Not being put off though we worked through a series of asanas, I enjoyed it but didn’t find that spark then that got me hooked.

Years later and in a relationship I had become “comfortable”, to combat this I chose to join the gym. As part of my routine I gave yoga a try again. I thought it would be a great compliment to stretch and ease out any areas of tension. From my first class I was hooked. It had a mixture of people and catered to all abilities, it was strenuous, not something I’d expected from my past experience of yoga. I made it my mission in this class to be able to touch my toes, something I hadn’t been able to do for quite some time!

From attending weekly things quickly started to happen. I was now able to touch my toes! It became my sanctuary each week where I could go in, close my eyes and completely switch off. Guided, I explored a whole host of asanas and learned a lot about my body. I very quickly found something else going on aside from physical movements. Combining body, breath and mind I fell in love with my practice.

It’s because of my instructor I am where I am today. She introduced me to the Yoga Scotland Foundation course. A full day per month where I could really explore in much more detail asanas and meditation. My learnings from the course and regular class really allowed me to explore in a lot more depth my own practice and quite acutely tune in to areas of my body.

With the course coming to end I continued my journey with 2 year Yoga Scotland 500hr Teacher Training. I expanded my thinking with yoga philosophy which fascinates me and has altered my understanding of yoga. The ability to be able to share yoga with others is incredibly rewarding, guiding students through physical asanas but also improving their mental state is very humbling.

I hope in my classes you will allow yourself to explore your yoga, yourself and find your own inner self. Yoga is entirely what you make it, I aim to teach a relaxed class where we can explore and have fun. Yoga truly is a great experience I hope to share with you!

The Restoration Yard at Dalkeith Country Park is a beautiful space to enjoy your yoga practice. It is a bright and airy room with a cosy intimate feel but with plenty of space for you to stretch out, ease and relax in to your yoga practice.